Polly Osborne

Polly Osborne has always been an artist exploring the relationship of man and nature. Currently her focus is about the irony of that clash. While we fail as humans to live within the rules of the natural world, we also bring nature into our world in odd ways.


In the “Alien Botanical” series, a fantasy plant appears in nature, is given scientific names, and bears resemblance to naturally occurring species. The ironic twist is the challenge when it is both delicious and invasive. The presentation is a sculptural forest representing these mycological fantasies.


In the “Last Lily Pad” series, animals and the manmade world interact, like the frog using a cell phone to rest on.


There also pots and paintings with no message, for when you just gotta make stuff.


Polly Osborne’s architectural career began in 1977. Polly Osborne has been published in Sunset Magazine, USA Kitchen Trends, Western Interiors, House & Home, Designing with Spirituality, West Coast Rooms, Outdoor Rooms, the Monterey Herald, and the LA Times Magazine. She has won numerous awards for her work including the prestigious Nathaniel A. Owings Award from the California Architectural Foundation. In 2013 Polly Osborne was initiated into the American Institute College of Fellows, an honor given to less than 2% of US architects.


Osborne Architects website is www.osbornearchitects.com.

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