Ceramic Suppliers

Alpha Fired Arts, http://www.alphafiredarts.com/, (916) 484-4424
4675 Aldona Lane, Sacramento, CA 95841
Alpha Fired Arts is a creative hub for hobbyists, professional clay artists and teachers. Being Northern California’s largest ceramic supply company, we offer a huge assortment of supplies, classes for children and adults, working studio memberships and firing services.

Aftosa, http://www.aftosa.com/, 1-800-231-0397
1776 Wright Avenue, Richmond, CA 94804
Aftosa was founded in 1983 and has been supporting ceramic and glass artists for over 31 years. We stand behind everything we sell and guarantee your satisfaction.
We offer a wide array of quality items at discounted prices and Aftosa ships all orders for free*. In addition, we strive to maintain a 99% in stock position on over 3,500 items

Aardvark Clay and Supplies, https://www.aardvarkclay.com/, 714-541-4157
1400 East Pomona St., Santa Ana, Ca. 92705
We offer a complete line of ceramic materials, equipment, and supplies; including clays, glazes, kilns, potter’s wheels, tools, slips, underglazes, frits, stains, chemicals, refractories, books, and gift certificates.

Artistic Ceramics, Inc., http://www.artisticceramics.net/, (626) 968-8661
125 S. 9th Avenue, Unit C, La Puente, CA 91746
We specialize in all stages of ceramic production for the idea creator. We service the artist, private collector and also engage in public installations and special causes. In addition to our own finished products, we manufacture Artistic Line Resist. We provide web access to our educational videos and other creative tools for your own use. We also offer a unique combination of services to assist in product development from your vision, conceptual art, mold making, model work, production color and form, all done confidentially to safeguard your project.

Artist and Craftsman Supply, http://www.artistcraftsman.com/, 310-274-8000
1660 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035
Our little art supply store has been offering quality art supplies for professionals, students, children, and crafters since 1985. You’ll find everything you need from paint to plaster and from canvas to craft sticks in Artist & Craftsman’s twenty-three locations across the USA and here in cyberspace.

Bamboo Tools, http://bambootools.com/
P.O. Box 74009, 111 – 16003 108th Ave.,Surrey, BC, V4N 5H9, Canada
Bamboo pottery tools have been the most widely used by production potters in the Orient for centuries. Bamboo is the material of choice for pottery tools for a number of reasons

Big Ceramic Store, LLC, https://www.bigceramicstore.com/, 888-513-5303
543 Vista Blvd, Sparks NV 89434
We were the first ceramic supplier on the internet in 1999 and we continue to be focused on serving internet customers. We have a huge selection (over 12,000 items), great prices, and free shipping on most equipment.

Ceramic Castle, http://www.ceramiccastle.com/, (818) 241-7644
1841 Flower Street, Glendale, CA 91201
Displaying the Southland’s largest selection of greenware, our Selection consists of new molds as well as longtime favorites.  Weekly instructional classes teach you how to create wonderful pieces.  Specialty seminars are offered periodically to teach airbrushing, brushstrokes, and other techniques.

Ceramic Services, http://ceramicservices.com/, (909) 986-1566
530 South Palmetto, Ontario, CA 91762
Ceramic Services is owned and operated by Lenny Larson and Ken Wagner.  For over 19 years, Ceramic Services has manufactured kilns for leading distributors within the ceramics industry. We specialize in custom kilns, outstanding down draft kilns and Raku Kilns. We design, test and make all of our kilns and equipment in our Ontario, CA shop.  Our customers range from the top schools and universities throughout the continental United States to local and international artists. We currently carry a wide variety of ceramic products. We are Distributors for Aardvark Clay, Laguna Clay, Shimpo Potters Wheels and Equipment, Coyote Glazes and Cress Electric Kilns.  We take any size order, and offer the same, sometimes better, pricing than other distributors or outlets.

Chinese Clay Art, http://www.chineseclayart.com/, 800-689-CLAY (2529)
PO Box 1733, Cupertino, CA 95015
Founded in the end of 2001, Chinese Clay Art, USA, is a web store. We offer low prices on Chinese products, for example, patented texture mats and newly invented clay tools, Chinese traditional and hand-made items and brushes, English versions of Chinese ceramic art related books, and unique collectible ceramic art works. Most of our products are imported direct from manufacturers in China.

Clay Planet, http://shop.clay-planet.com/, 800-443-CLAY(2529)
1775 Russell Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Northern California’s complete ceramic & pottery supply company. We Manufacturer over 20 Clay Planet Signature Ceramic Clay bodies in house, and make nearly 400 colors of Western Ceramic Glaze, Underglazes, & Engobes. At Clay Planet, we do it all. We accept school Purchase Orders, offer quantity discounts on thousands of items, and ship anywhere in the USA. Clay Planet companies have been serving ceramic & glass artists for over 50 years!

Clay People, http://www.claypeople.net/, 1.888.236.1492
623 S. 32nd Street, Richmond. CA 94804
We are committed to be “Friendly Experts” and to have a “Huge Inventory” of both products and knowledge. We take great pride in always working to strengthen our position as “Northern California’s Leader in Ceramic Supply”

Continental Art Supply, http://www.continentalart.com/, 818.345.1044
7041 Reseda Blvd, Reseda, California 91335
My parents Robert and Greta opened ‘Continental’ in September of 1960. I don’t think the term “business model” was used back then. It was their idea, dream and philosophy to provide the materials that artists and craftspeople need. Along with these materials they received honest advice on usage and technique. Today we operate much the same way. Having “grown up” in the store I wouldn’t know how else to run the shop. We trust our customers to tell us what they like and what they don’t. We ask questions and carefully listen to the answers. We gladly stock the products which customers ask for regularly and as many of you know we special order constantly.

Frank’s Cane and Rush Supply, http://www.franksupply.com/, (714) 847-0707
7252 Heil Avenue, Huntington Beach, Ca. 92647

Free Form Clay and Supplies, http://freeformclay.com/, (619) 477-1004
1912 Cleveland Ave, National City CA 91950
We are Distributors for Laguna Clay Company, Duncan Ceramics, Mayco, Skutt Kilns and Wheels, Cress Kilns, L&L kilns, Olympic Kilns, Pacifica Pottery Wheels, Lockerbie Wheels, Brent Wheels, Amaco, Shimpo, Northstar, Scott Creek and Kemper Tools. We sell Wholesale and Retail. We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, and MasterCard. Pick up orders may be called in ahead of time. We ship Postal Service. Local Delivery is available, please call for current Delivery Charges.

Georgies Ceramic and Clay Company, http://www.georgies.com/, 800.999.CLAY
756 NE Lombard, Portland, OR 97211
Serving 3-D & clay artists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 1965

Giffin Grip, http://www.giffingrip.com/, 360.758.7008
4135 Sunny Hill Lane, Lummi Island, WA 98262
Giffin Tec Inc. is a family run business started in 1978 to manufacture Giffin Grips. Brian Giffin continues to think up new tools for potters to this day, along with ongoing improvements to the Giffin Grip itself.

Geil Kilns, http://www.kilns.com/, (800) 887-4345
7201 Clay Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Graphaids Art+ Digital Supplies, http://www.shopgraphaids.com/, 310.204.1212
3030 S. La Cienega Blvd, Culver City, 90232

Japan Pottery Tools, http://www.japanpotterytools.com/
1032 Irving St., PMB 967, San Francisco, CA 94122
Japan Pottery Tools, located in San Francisco, California, is a group of people who love to play with clay – like you. After years of throwing, we have learned that good tools can save time and frustration, and that the right tools can help you improve your technique – and produce better pieces. After years of showing friends how to use these traditional Japanese pottery and ceramic tools, we are now delighted to introduce them to you. Because authentic Japanese tools are hard to find in the US, Japan Pottery Tools has imported this essential set.
If you know of other Japanese tools which you would like us to import, please let us know.

Kit Kraft, https://secure.kitkraft.biz/home.php, 818-509-9739
12109 Ventura Pl., Studio City, CA 91604
Kit Kraft Inc. was founded in 1946 when Joe and Gussie Sitkin discovered their love for leather crafting after learning about it in the USO. Their first products for sale were leather- crafting kits for wallets, handbags, belts, moccasins, and fashion accessories under the name “Double K Brand”. We have always worked hard to be a customer driven company. When customers ask for certain items, we find them, then we’ll order two so we can keep one in stock for someone else. That is probably why we have such an eclectic selection of products!
Since its opening, Kit Kraft has been a family run business, now entering its third generation. The first location was in a closet in the back of another store on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, Ca. Later, as the business grew, it was moved to a storefront of its own also on Melrose Ave. By 1954, Our mail order business was expanding and more floor space was needed. The valley looked like a good place for a growing business, so the store was moved to 12109 Ventura Pl. in Studio City, Ca, the current location.

Laguna Clay Company, http://www.lagunaclay.com/, (626) 330-0631
14400 Lomitas Ave, City of Industry, CA 91746
Laguna Clay had its inception in 1976. Since that time Laguna has worked closely with industrial, commercial, educational and individual customers to serve their specific needs while providing the broadest possible selection of materials, supplies and equipment. The asset purchases of Mineral Ceramic Products, S. Paul Ward, Westwood Ceramic Supply, Pacifica Potter’s Wheels, Miller Ceramic Supply and Thorley Refractories have seen the company grow from a local pottery supply house to an international ceramic supplier.

Leslie Ceramics http://www.leslieceramics.com/, (510)-524-7363
1212 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA 94706
Leslie Ceramic Supply Company in 1946, in response to the needs of an expanding community of San Francisco Bay Area potters and ceramics artists. As a leading supplier in Northern California, the Toki family continues to promise quality products and service to artists and aspiring artists of all ages. John Toki (pictured right), son of Rayer and Leslie, is the current owner and president of the company. A working artist, published author and educator, John is an amazing talent and resource to the Bay Area ceramics community.

Mud Tools, http://www.mudtools.com/shop/, 828.625.1852
PO Box 111, Bat Cave, NC 28710
During my years of working in clay, making pots and art, I have often had ideas that required working outside “normal” processes. I found that the available “clay tools” did not serve my ideas well. So, out of necessity I would make a tool, or modify an existing one to suit my needs. These new tools quickly became indispensable and were always the first thing to come out of my toolbox. Naturally, I would show these off at a workshop, and as a result I found that people were interested in buying them! It didn’t take long to figure out that I couldn’t make a tool for each person that wanted one. I was going to need a little help, and that is how Mudtools was born. I started with the rib. I had already found a material that performed well and actually got better with use (it is self-polishing.) With the material in mind, I designed six shapes that I think cover a lot of what hand builders and throwers need from a rib. Each rib shape is available in four hardnesses from very soft to very firm. You choose the shape and hardness that suits your clay and your working style. It is my goal to offer you a tool that has a high performance quality, is pleasing to the hand and eye, and that you find indispensable.

Skutt Kilns, http://skutt.com/, 1-503-774-6000
6441 S.E. Johnson Creek Blvd., Portland, OR 97206
In 1953 father/son team, Ralph and Neil Skutt, manufactured the industry’s first multi-sided hobby kiln in Olympia, Washington under the name “Skutt & Sons”. Throughout the years we at Skutt have worked hard to meet the changing needs of our customers, but one thing that has remained constant is our fierce dedication to manufacturing quality products and providing outstanding customer service.

Tara Productions, http://www.potteryvideos.com/, (800) 668-8040

Swain’s Art Supplies, http://www.swainsart.com/, 818-243-3129
537 North Glendale Avenue, Glendale, California 91206
Located in Glendale, California, Swain’s is a retail art supply store founded by Stanley Swain in 1949. Swain’s caters to its Los Angeles art supply customers by providing a unique one-stop shopping experience. When you visit Swain’s you will find one of the largest and finest selections of artists’ materials, architectural supplies, craft supplies, scrapbooking supplies, picture frames, children’s educational toys and books (ToyFun store within a store), stationery, greeting cards and gift wrap, office products, and calendars. Today Swain’s remains a local family owned business continuing the tradition of meeting its customers’ needs. Swain’s enthusiastic sales staff is always ready to answer your questions or help guide you through the store.

U.S. Pigment, http://www.uspigment.com/, (630) 893-9217
815 Schneider Drive, South Elgin, IL 60177
U.S. Pigment specializes in raw materials, stains, and glazes used in ceramics, glasswork, metallurgy, electronics, jewelry-making, and much more. We are committed to high-quality and low prices on all of our products. So whether you are looking for some cobalt carbonate for the perfect glaze recipe or silver nitrate for a metal masterpiece or for a bold stain to add pizzazz to your work of art, let uspigment.com be your one-stop shop. No order is too small or too big– art comes in all shapes and sizes!


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