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We have one of the best and largest video lending libraries in the country. Most of the titles are by world renowned ceramic artists. They are instructional, interesting, motivating, inspiring and entertaining. Make use of this fine benefit and be enlightened with the techniques the artists are sharing.



  • Members may borrow up to two videos at a time, and keep them for a period of three (3) weeks.
  • There is a fee of $3.00 per video to cover the cost of mailing and packaging.
  • To request a video, fill out the video lending form, print it out,  and send it to the Video Librarian with the appropriate fees. (Address is on the form).
  • Note that no tapes will be released for use without a properly filled Request Form. The file is in PDF format, you may need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open the form on your computer.


Thank you and keep viewing.

–Eileen Branda, Video Librarian

There are two ways you can request titles:

  1. By downloading the print form, filling it in, and mailing it with a check for the rental to the address on the form.
  2. By filling out the online form.

If you have any questions, you can email the Video Librarian, Eileen Branda at:


Library Content

A complete listing of video titles is available here and is also published in the ACS Design Chapter Membership Directory, with periodic updates in our Monthly Newsletter.

The following numbers are DVDs: 9, 10, 84, 94, 95, 96, 99, 100 through 110

Note: You will notice that numbers 27, 78a, and 107 are missing on the list of videos/dvds. They have been damaged and are not available for lending.

Cat. # / Ceramicist / Title / Running Time
01 Soldner: “Thoughts on Creativity” (28 min.)
02 Cartwright: “Inlaid Colored Clay” (44 min.)
03 Wilson: “Soft Slab Techniques” (37 min.)
04 Hopper: “Robin Hopper Workshop” (58 min.)
05 Romberg: “Raku Ceramics” (75 min.)
06 Moniot: “Clay Whistles” (30 min.)
07 Siegel: “Sculpture Classroom” (53 min.)
08 Davis: “Harry and May Davis: Potters” (52 min.)
09 Many: “Mashiko Village Pottery” (30 min.)
10 Many: “Beyond Tradition” (45 min.) (Southwest Indian Art)
11 Cardew: “The Language of Shapes” (29 min.)
12 Brown: “Unbroken Tradition” (28 min.)
13 Many: “Korean Forming Techniques” (77 min.)
14 Horning: “Centering and Throwing” (30 min.)
15 Horning: “Bowls and Plates” (44 min.)
16 Horning: “Vases and Bottles” (28 min.)
17 Horning: “Pulling Handles” (30 min.)
18 Horning: “Lidded Jars” (30 min.)
19 Horning: “Teapots and Pitchers” (40 min.)
20 Bullock: “Centering and Throwing” (32 min.)
21 Bullock: “Throwing, Trimming a Bowl” (17 min.)
22 Bullock: “Trimming a Cylinder” (29 min.)
23 Bullock: “Handles: Pulled, Coiled” (26 min.)
24 Bullock: “Throwing a Lidded Jar” (47 min.)
25 Bullock: “Throwing a Bottle” (28 min.)
26 Bullock: “Throwing a Cheese Dish” (49 min.)
28 Shafer: “Pottery Decoration” (74 min.)
29 Jepson: “Advanced Throwing Projects” (85 min.)
30 Jepson: “Introduction to Handbuilding” (80 min.)
31 Hutchins: “Variations on Raku” (33 min.)
32 Many: “Traditional Thai Pottery” (144 min.)
33 Cartwright: “Art of Making Teapots” (30 min.)
34 Lamphere: “Sculpture and the Creative Process” (29 min.)
35 Crabb: “Artists Among Us” (27 min.)
36 Takuezu: “Portrait of an Artist” (28 min.)
37 Jepson: “Glazing and Firing” (106 min.)
38 Hopper: “Introduction and Surface Removal” (30 min.)
39 Hopper: “Marks of Addition and Impression” (30 min.)
40 Hopper: “Liquid and Colored Clays” (30 min.)
41 Hopper: “Pigments and Resist” (30 min.)
42 Hopper: “Glazes and Glazing” (30 min.)
43 Hopper: “Firing and Post-Firing Effects” (30 min.)
44 Many: “High Tech/Low Tech: The Exhibit” (26 min.)
45 Many: “High Tech/Low Tech: The Seminar” (45 min.)
46 Jepson: “How to Throw Large Pots” (79 min.)
47 Wood: “Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada” (55 min.)
48 Wood: “Special People: Beatrice Wood” (27 min.)
49 Neff: “Moldmaking I” (60 min.)
50 Orton: “Key Principles for Successful Firing” (80 min.)
51 Leach: “Ceramic Technique” (82 min.)
52 MacKenzie: “Warren MacKenzie, An American Potter” (51 min.)
53 Reitz: “Art and the Search for Truth” (28 min.)
54 Simmons: “You are the Miracle” (58 min.)
55 Hopper: “Pots for Cooking and Serving” (30 min.)
56 Hopper: “Advanced Throwing” (60 min.)
57 Hutchens: “Salt-Soda Firing – Program One” (60 min.)
58 Hutchens: “Salt-Soda Firing – Program Two” (60 min.)
59 Hopper: “Pots for Eating and Drinking” (30 min.)
60 Keenan: “Fundamentals of Figurative Sculpture” (110 min.)
61 Orton: “Loading the Kiln” (30 min.)
62 Many: “Korean Flat Slab Techniques” (75 min.)
63 Cardew: “Artists and Their Art” (31 min.)
64 Starr: “17th Century English Slipware Pottery” (60 min.)
65 Piepenburg: “Smoke Firing” (25 min.)
66 Lyons: “The Art of Clay Printing” (68 min.)
67 Cartwright: “Six Easy Pieces” (105 min.)
68 Gault: “Paper Clay Workshop” (120 min.)
69 Bennion: “The Potter’s Meal” (27 min.)
70 Autio: “Autio Makes Night Music” (40 min.)
71 Meeker: “Agni Jata (Fireborn)” (35 min.)
72 Lou: “On the Wheel/Tape 3″ (60 min.)
73 McIntosh: “The Ceramic Art of Harrison McIntosh” (39 min.)
74 Lewton-Brain: “Small Scale Photography” (112 min.)
75 Anderson: “Firing the Anagama” (35 min.)
76 Peterson: “Shoji Hamada” (35 min.)
77 Rogers: “Handbuilding” (25 min.)
78 Many: “Color and Fire/LACMA(Video)” (50 min.)
79 Jepson: “Introduction to Throwing on the Potter’s Wheel” (91 min.)
80 Bresnahan: “Clay, Wood, Fire, Spirit” (30+ min.)
81 Piepenburg: “Raku Firing and Reduction” (30 min.)
82 Sheehan: “Beginning Handbuilding” (60 min.)
83 Price: “The Art of Crystalline Glazing” (45min)
84 Soldner: “Playing With Fire” (DVD – 60min.)
85 Khalili: “Sunrise Dome” (33 min.)
86 Autio: “Archie Bray Foundation 2001: A Clay Odyssey” (72 min.)
87 Jones-Halcyon: “An Introduction to Wood-fired Pottery” (30 min.)
88 Crystal: “Glazing and Firing” (28 min.)
89 Ortiz: “Mata Ortiz Today” (29 min.)
90 Clennel: “Taking the Macho out of Bigware” (75 min.)
91 Staffel: “Throwing with Slabs and Coils” (60 min.)
92 Lou: “On the Wheel with Nils Lou” (45 min.)
93 Tjakra: Playing with Clay – Face Pots
94 Faraut: The Art of Sculpting Vol 1. Children (DVD)
95 Faraut: The Art of Sculpting Vol 2. Expressions (DVD)
96 Clarke-Willet: The Basic Techniques of Wheel Throwing (DVD)
97 Giorgini: Handmade Tiles Vol 1. Forming the Tile
98 Hopper: Elements of Form
99 Long: Vessels for Victory (DVD)
100 Clennell: How to Make Handmade Cane Handles (DVD)
101 Ratcliff: The Clay Cabin Pottery (disc #1) (DVD)
102 Ratcliff: The Clay Cabin Pottery (disc #2) (DVD)
103 Frewin: The Millhouse Pottery (Vol #1) (DVD)
104 Frewin: The Millhouse Pottery (Vol #2) (DVD)
105 Frewin: The Millhouse Pottery (Vol #3) (DVD)
106 Many: The Paper Kiln Experiment (DVD)
108 Secrets of the French Butter Dish (DVD)
109 Frewin: The Millhouse Pottery (Vol #6) (DVD)
110 B.Creitz: Makes a Teapot (DVD)
111 Lou: On the Wheel — Scenes 1-7 (DVD)
112 Neff: Mold Making 2 Piece Molds (DVD)
113 Hopper: Making Marks Vol 1, 2 and 3 (DVD)
114 Hopper: Making Marks Vol 4 and 5 (DVD)
115 Phoenix Learning Group: The Art of the Potter (DVD)
116 Owens: 2nd Place Best Documentary Carolina Film & Video Festival 2001 (DVD)
117 The Luck Family Potters of Seagrove, NC (DVD)
118 African Pottery Techniques (DVD)
119 Martin: Pottery Basics 101 (DVD)
120 The Millhouse Pottery Volume 4 (DVD)
121 Hildegard Anstice: Up Close with Clay Raku Pottery Techniques (DVD)
122 Hildegard Anstice: Up Close with Clay — Slabs & Extrusions (DVD)
123 Hildegard Anstice: Up Close with Clay — Basics of Glazing and Firing (DVD)
124 Hildegard Anstice: Up Close with Clay — Salt Bisque Pottery (DVD)
125 Hildegard Anstice: Up Close with Clay — Smoke-Fired Pottery (DVD)
126 Brad Sondahl: Volume A-Basic Forming Info (DVD)
127 Brad Sondahl: Volume B Special Techniques (DVD)
128 Brad Sondahl: Volume C Kiln Loading and Glazing (DVD)
129 Brad Sondahl: Wheelthrown Pottery Volume 1 (DVD)
130 Brad Sondahl: Wheelthrown Pottery Volume 2 (DVD)
131 John Utgaard: Handbuilding and wheelthrowing in support of sculpture (DVD)
132 Chris Staley: Wheel Throwing and Altering Tech (DVD)
133 Barbara Diduk: Assembling Thrown Elements into Taller Vessels and Sculptures (DVD)
134 Jeff Irwin: Various Tech. for building larger sculpture various texturing and glazing techniques (DVD)
135 Sunkoo Yuh: Using 2 dimensional drawings to inspire 3 dimensional clay sculptures (DVD)
136 Andrew Martin: Casting various forms, surface decoration (DVD)
137 Chris Gustin: Creating sensuous wheel thrown altered forms (DVD)
138 Edward Eberle: Drawing and painting processes, Deconstruction techniques. Throwing, easel-hanging, and the decorating of a platter (DVD)
139 Work of Karen Karnes: Don’t Know We’ll See (DVD)
140 Raul Angulo Coronel: Multiple DVD’s depicting his work entitled “my Clay World.”
141 Potters At Work, Kumao, Ohta, and Koishibara at the workshop of Shigeki Sakamoto ± (DVD)
142 Lenky Nhlapo – South Sotho Pot Making” (DVD)
143 Henry Mead: Ceramics: Throwing Functional Pottery, Part I (DVD)
144 Henry Mead: Ceramics: Throwing Functional Pottery, Part II (DVD)
145 Ro Mead: Ceramics: Handbuilding, Part I (DVD)
146 Henry Mead: Ceramics: Throwing on the Wheel. (DVD)
147 Mike Finch & Ray Finch: Winchcombe Pottery Techniques (DVD)
148 Bernard Leach & Shoji Hamada: Art Of The Potter (DVD)
149 Robert Piepenburg: Beginning Handbuilding. (DVD)
150 Dennise Buckley – A Potter’s Progress (DVD)
151 Many: “3 Electric Potters Wheel Building How To’s” (DVD)
152 Pottery of Mexico Vol 1: Pineapples of Patamban and San Jose de Garcia (DVD)
153 Moon: Throwing American Style Raku Pottery For Beginners (DVD)
154 Don Ellis & Randy Brodnax: Hot Damn! Pottree. Not your typical tight-ass video! (DVD)
155 Frank Giorgini: The Art of the Udu Drum Volume 1: Making The Drum (DVD)
156 Robert Piepenburg: A Visit With The Artist (DVD)
157 3 Artists: Art Smart, Handbuilt Pottery (DVD)
158 David Hendley: Extrude It! Getting the most from your clay extruder Volume 1 (DVD)
159 Tony Clennell: Get a Handle On It! (DVD)
160 Mitch Lyons: Handbuilding (DVD)
161 Robin Hopper: Advanced Throwing Extended and Altered Forms (DVD)
162 Yixing China: The World Center of Teapot Making (DVD)
163 Jerry Horning: Making Pots On The Wheel – Disc #1 (DVD)
164 Jerry Horning: Making Pots On The Wheel – Disc #2 (DVD)
165 Gary Benna: Throwing Revealed (DVD)
166 Doug Oian: Basic Pottery (DVD)
167 Robert Piepenburg: Beginning Wheelthrowing (DVD)
168 The Village Potters Of Onda (DVD)
169 Sandi Pierantozzi Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Sandi Pierantozzi (DVD)
170 Carley’s Bridge Potteries – #19 – “Hands” (DVD)
171 Many Tao Yao (in Chinese means pottery and dragon kiln (DVD)
172 Robin Hopper: Inspiration and Interpretation (DVD)
173 Tom Turner: Two Day Workshop & 34 Pots from 1970-2004 – (4 disc DVD)
174 Bill van Gilder: Getting Started: Bowl, Cup, Plate and making Handles, Part 1 (DVD)
175 Bill van Gilder: Making Lidded Forms, Part 1″ and “Trimming Techniques (DVD)
176 Many artists: 10 Great Tips & Techniques from the Masters Ceramics Daily (DVD)
177 Nan Rothwell: Glazing and Decorating Pottery (DVD)
178 Gail Kendall: Slab Coil and Building (2 DVD set)
179 Curtis Benzel: Colored Clay (2 DVD set)
180 Jake Allee: Assembly Required (2 DVD set)
181 Martha Grover: Creating Curves with Clay (DVD)
182 Deborah Schwartzkopf: Pieces and Patterns (DVD)
183 Amy Sanders: Creative Forming w/Custom Texture (#1 and #2 DVDs)
184 Amy Sanders: Creative Forming w/Custom – #3 and #4
185 Steven Hill: Surface Textures (DVD)
186 Ceramics Arts Daily 10 Great Tips & Techniques Volume III
187 Peters: Lively Forms and Expressive Surfaces (2 – DVD)
188 Hughes: Custom Clay Pottery Tools — Part 1, Making Pottery Tools from Clay
189 Turner: Understanding Porcelain — Part 1, Glazing and Firing

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